05 October 2014


We will be closed the costume season due to a family crisis. Thank you for your love and support. I gave some of the costumes to Dawns in downtown La Grande.

19 May 2014

Wright Brothers and Abigail Adams

Just rented a newsie hat and vest for the Wright brothers and a bonnet, apron, shawl and pearl necklace for Abigail Adams.
Costumes rented in the past include in alphabetical order:
Alexander Graham Bell
Davy Crockett
Leonardo Da Vinci
Abe Lincoln
John Henry
Indians (Native American)
Mountain men
Pied piper
Harriet Tubman
George Washington

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

I have a plethora of costumes so we can throw something together.

03 March 2014

Renaissance Faire

white knight

I have rented costumes for a bard, falconer, Da Vinci, a knight and  a nun, priest and a princess.
Da Vinci

The recorder group

A priest and bard

06 February 2014

This Month

So far this month I have had queries for a murder mystery and rented 3 costumes:
2 saloon girls and 1 sheriff.

A 1950's bandstand for the local elementary school: 1 suit and a chiffon/ lacy dress.

A gal from CHD wants some fruits and vegetables which I will have to work on for a healthy food video the 4- H wants to create. There are easy and fun ideas on the internet. I like the sandwich board style made of felt for strawberries, the purple balloons for grapes and of course the store bought banana!

The last request, a through time for a pioneer outfit, a Native America dress and modern day
and yes I have those costumes!

The sheriff costume this time was a white tuxedo shirt with vest and badge.
Howdy sheriff

05 November 2013

Great Gatsby Costume Ideas

sz small, heavy with fringe 
 1920’s costume ideas

Men white jacket, black shirt, black pants, striped tie, black fedora
Black jacket, red shirt, white tie, spats, black fedora
Argyle socks
Carnation in the lapel
Flat cap, suspenders, black garter on arm
Raccoon coat
Vee neck sweater vest with knickers

Ladies ~ Vamps and Flappers

Bare arms, straight, flattened silhouette- they wore suppressors
Cloche hats, Small hats, turbans, porkpie hat
Hair – short or ‘bobbed’ or tie your hair back
Feather boa
Flat chunky shoes or Mary Jane’s
Headache band with feathers and pin
Bangle bracelets
Long string of pearls tied in a knot, crystal beads
Ostrich feather fan
Drop waist dresses, layered handkerchief hemline
Narrow skirts just below the calf, tops with sailor collars
Slave bracelets
Unbuckled galoshes- hence the name ”flapper”
Velvet harem pants or Oriental motif
Wraparound coats


Here are some names to look up for dress ideas:
Clara Bow, Mary Pickford, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo
Rudolph Valentino – sheiks 

Fox fur

 My inventory:
1920’2 Inventory


Black dress with black fringe – sz sm
Gold with black fringe – sm/Med
Lavender with white fringe – sm/med
White slip with black fringe, silver top- sz small/Med

Red dress with black fringe, med/ lg
Yellow dress with black fringe – med/Lg
Dark blue with black fringe – med/Lg

Red dress with red fringe – L/XL
Green sequin dress with black fringe – L/ XL
Purple sequin dress with black fringe – sz L/XL

I have boas, cloche hats, gloves, headache bands, turbans and long pearl necklaces.


Blue double breasted, pinstriped suit, chest 33
Navy blue double breasted jacket, chest 36
Black double breasted jacket, chest 37
Black wool double breasted jacket, chest 37
Olive green double breasted jacket, chest 37
Pink zoot suit XL

I have white ties and red pocket kerchiefs.

Dames at Sea!

11 sailor collars were sewn by me, Denise had the black skirts, found white tops at local second had stores.

Sailor suits from EOU and Gordon Kohler, dresses from Seventh day Adventist store and friends, hats from Denise Wheeler, canes from adorable husband and Denise Wheeler. The grey dress on the end was the most popular with the adults! They girls did not like the shoulder pads.

Aren't they beautiful! It is soul satisfying to work with these girls for 4 years and see how far they have come! Alas, they are growing up.

20 October 2013

Costumes for Halloween 2013

What's HOT in 2013 from an Article I found on the Internet
Usually the Halloween costumes are from the latest movies or TV shows~

Dusty Cropper - Planes
Minions – Despicable me ~ Get a yellow sweatshirt with hood and overalls!
Mine craft – boxes- Lego’s

Batman- My friend has an awesome costume she wants $200 for it!
Annette Howell call 541-786-0404 for questions

Duck dynasty – plaid shirts or camo, r/w/bl headband, rubber boots
Game of Thrones – Medieval or Greek gods -
I have several white Greek God dresses and a med blue.
Great Gatsby – 1920’s I have several flapper dresses in different sizes and double breasted suits.
Remember you can add headache bands with feathers, boas and gloves. I have all of theses accessories! You can put a tee shirt or turtle neck under the dresses and add fishnet stockings! 
sz small

sz sm/Med

sz XL

sz sm

sz Lg

Breaking Bad – yellow jumpsuits - I don't have these or know where to find them... sorry